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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Take the Time to Get Together

March 1, it is finally spring!! The weather is actually above freezing today. Time to start getting out and doing things and enjoying them!!
March is National Quilt Month. The purpose of the celebration is to continue the tradition of quilting through education and service. Quilt shops, fabric stores and local guilds host a variety of events and classes throughout the month to expand knowledge of existing quilters and draw a new generation into the craft.
Take the time to go to some of these events with a friend. I am sure we can all relate to the feeling of just never having enough time to finish a project, keep up with the family or just get together with a friend. It is important to make the time for these things. Plan to have lunch with a friend, visit that cousin you haven't seen for a while or go to a local event.
You will be able to say" Wow, that was a nice day, I'm glad we took the time to be together."
Friday, February 18, 2011

Teach Others What You Know

Teaching is a wonderful way to share your love of quilting. It is so rewarding to see the look of understanding and enlightenment on a students face when they "get it". Quilting and sewing are so easy that students always "get it" and often wonder why they were hesitant about sewing in the first place.

I urge everyone who knows of another person who would like to learn something new to share their knowledge of a craft, a technique or a project. Sometimes you think "oh, I am not good enough to teach another person" and we lose an opportunity. You will be amazed at the rewards that come your way in the form of thanks, contentment and satisfaction when you teach.
Friday, February 11, 2011

Tonga Rhapsody Batiks Block of the Month- What Fun!!!

We have completed our first month of the Tonga Rhapsody Batik Block of the Month and it was a blast!! The block designs are easy!!! The setting design is a little more challenging but that makes it all the more fun. We are seeing who can gripe the most and who can finish their block first. We have had lots of fun sewing because there is nothing else to do in this weather.
Thanks to all the brave gals who are participating. The company is wonderful and the snacks are better.