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Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Forget Our Apron Pattern Giveaway! - TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY

Tomorrow is the last day for our pattern giveaway! Enter if you haven't already, you have a great chance of winning!!
Anyone out there have an apron picture they want to share? Remember we are giving away four apron patterns to our entrants who submit an apron pic before 3/31. To make it easier, you can just comment on this post and put a link to a post on your blog that has your apron in it! And if you want to get entered twice into the drawing, do a post on your blog about our giveaway, and link back to this post!

Otherwise, email us a picture of your apron and you will be entered into the contest and featured on our blog!

We would love to hear from you!!!


  1. I've made several aprons for myself and for others, but one of my favorites is my "Land of Lincoln" apron, made out an old denim skirt a couple years ago:

    It was fun to take something old and ill-fitting and turn it into something fun and useful, and also trying a new technique (printing the pennies on prepped fabric sheets). I've got a whole stack of skirts that I want to turn into aprons someday ... maybe when life slows down a little LOL!


  2. I love making aprons! I also like joining in on apron swaps. I am working on three right now that aren't finished. Here is a link to one of my blog posts with a photo of the last swap I was in.
    A great photographer I am not!

  3. Aprons are just the right shape and size to be able to use recycled or salvaged fabrics. They are also wonderful for using large prints which is what I mainly use! I started a small ( miniature, really..) business making handmade accessories and aprons are one of my favorite things to make!
    You can see some of them here:

  4. I love making aprons!!! Whenever I get a chance...I make an apron, althought I never wear then! lol
    Here are some:


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