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Monday, February 23, 2009

A Heartfelt Valentine - Gelasia's Brag

Our brag today comes from another Etsy customer - Gelasia.

She recently sent us this adorable pic of a valentine she made for her mother from a recent purchase from our Etsy store. She had this to say about the construction:

I used red felt to make my mom a valentine. I cut it in a heart shape, and hand sew it very carefully, but my stitches were not that great. I am not a great sewer. I then flipped it inside out and stuffed it, sewing the hole close. Haphazardly I sewed the lace to it, and then by that time it was nearly 7am and almost time for mom to wake up, and valentines day to boot, so I wrote "2 MOM" on it in permenant marker x3.

Great job, Gelasia, I bet your mom loved it!

Check out more of her creations here on her blog, and Gelasia's Etsy shop here.

Have a great Monday, quilters!


  1. I haven't updated my etsy, but my new journal is

    I had made Cheri Gello to share with a friend and she no longer wanted to participate so I decided to strike out on my own. :)


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